Polisa privatnosti

Polisa privatnosti

Our Attitude towards Privacy

Your privacy is extremely important to us.

As a company that wishes to provide you with amusing and interesting apps and games, one of our main concerns is related to your personal and non-personal information. As a result we have composed this Privacy Policy that will be listed below and would like you to spare a few minutes and review it. Transparency of our applications is what we are striving for and would like you to become acquainted with the way we operate. Inform yourself about the manner we approach your private information and be sure that your data are highly protected. By accepting our Services you are complying with the Privacy Policy that will be explained in details here.

Do we collect personal and non-personal information?

Our applications do not gather any personal nor non-personal information. All permissions with which you are giving your consent are intended for application performance or advertiser performance. In spite of our intention not to collect any of the information related to you, it might occur that contact related data will come to us after you get in touch with us for expressing your concerns or any questions that you may have. Upon contacting us at the address that is stated at the bottom of this document you will state your e-mail address. Please be notified that this piece of your information will not be misused, forwarded nor used in any way. However, we cannot be responsible for the actions of third parties, to whom we are affiliated, and who are allowed to display interest-based ads.

Children and parents: Please be advised to pay special care when going online. Being clever and safe about using the internet is what should be your priority. Children should not give away their information without previously consulting their parent or guardian. Sharing your name, photos, email or home address, whether online or in the real world is extremely risky and you should not ever perform such actions. For the sake of their children’s privacy, parents are advised to oversee the usage of internet by their kids.

Request for Sharing Information

You are agreeing to the conditions stated in the Privacy Policy of our third parties when you “accept” or “allow” these Portals to access your information. They will obtain your user name, contact data and a lot of other information from your profile. This will happen when you decide to share the content that you have acquired or score that you have achieved on these Social Networks and similar sites. Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and many others will reach your personal and non-personal information. You could control this and choose what types of your data will be allowed to them. Study the Policies of these Portals and get yourself acquainted with the way they approach your personal information.

What is Sensitive Information?

We care much about your privacy and discretion. Therefore, it is our counsel to you not to disclose any personal information that could be misused or mistreated. It is the safest not to place your name, date of birth, address, information related to racial or ethnic origin, religion related questions, political opinions or membership in organizations anywhere.

Data Security

It is our prime concern not to jeopardize any of your personal and non-personal information. Since we are not gathering any of your data we can guarantee you that they will not be used on our part. However, we cannot make the same promise for the third parties. Please be aware that a risk of them getting access to your information is present.

Children’s Safety

Our products are not designed to extract the information from any of our users and this of course includes children. We are not gathering data from children nor from anybody else. In this way, youngsters are safe with us.

Updates to this Policy

We advise you to check back regularly for updates on our Privacy Policy. In the future we might make a few changes and you should bring yourself up-to-date about the privacy practice that we use.

Contact Us

For any comments or questions that you might have, you can contact us on this mail: picksoftcompany@gmail.com . Our applications might include a content which is not owned or controlled by us and thus we cannot be responsible for the Privacy Policy of others. Please feel free to get yourself acquainted with their Policy.